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The grills are quite frequent in our homes. They allow us to cook meat without adding fat compared to common pans. They are an excellent alternative to grilling meat, and can also be used for the preparation of other dishes. There are basically two important types:

How are the steaks on the stove

The cooker grill pan is a tool that is hardly missing in a home. They can be used both on gas, and on electric and induction cookers. The most frequent forms of steaks are rectangular ones, but there can be square or circular ones. We can make a first classification based on the materials used for the cooking surfaces.

They are distinguished according to the materials used between griddles in:

  • Cast iron
  • Soapstone
  • Aluminum with non-stick coating

Cast iron steaks

The cast iron is an alloy which provides excellent heat conduction. It allows you to cook, without adding oil, not only meats, but also vegetables. Cast iron allows for uniform heat distribution, and can be used on all hobs (electric, gas, induction). The best have a grooved bottom, where fatty residues are collected from cooking. Some also have a drain channel.

The cast iron one is considered the traditional steak grill, and it is the best known and most used using the kitchen stove. The handle is usually ergonomic, often foldable for storage. It is such as to allow a stable grip, even for the heaviest products; also it must not overheat during cooking. The cooking surface of these cast iron pans can be corrugated or smooth. For use as a grill pan, the wavy one is widely used to give the meat a grilled appearance.